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The Everyday Uses of CO2

Carbon Dioxide is in the air we breathe every day. It is a by-product of processing oxygen through our lungs and expelling the leftover carbon dioxide. The gas has no taste, colour, or smell, making it hard to know if the levels have increased or not, but if you find yourself getting very tired in the office by the end of the day, the chances are that the room could potentially benefit from an open window.

However, although it can be dangerous in high doses for humans, it has many applications throughout everyday life. That it is undoubtedly a gas we would struggle to live without.

Glass Frosting

Have you ever been to a bar where your glass has been served extremely cold, steaming up and almost looks frozen? That will be the use of CO2 for glass frosting. It offers excellent cooling of glasses and is safe for consumption because the potential for imbibing the gas with the drink is improbable.

The only danger with using Carbon Dioxide is the same for any pressurised bottles, flames and faulty connections. This low risk makes them ideal for installation within home bars and exterior entertainment areas. With our home bar CO2, you can impress everyone with refreshingly cold beverages during those hot summer days.

Frostie Machines

In every venue, pub or cinema, you will see slush drinks maker machines. Whilst mainly aimed at young children, their popularity has grown among adults and is used in cocktail making. These fresh and chilly drinks are often made with the addition of CO2 to produce their crunch texture.

Paintball Gun Canisters

Paintball is a game that has gained in popularity each year. Carbon Dioxide is a low-cost choice of gas for paintball guns, great for someone starting up their business or enthusiasts who have their private land to play on.

The gas is stored in the cartridge as a liquid and converted to gas once released from the gun. Whilst there is the option of HPA, paintball CO2 tanks offer more cost-effective solutions, even when comparing the refill prices. With the lower prices, your customers can afford to play for longer.

CO2 Uses for a Home Bar

CO2 cylinders make for many uses throughout the home, but one of the most common is home bar CO2. The idea of installing a bar type set-up has not been unfamiliar over the years, with the 60s being the most common place to find optics featured on the wall. However, home bars are becoming much more sophisticated, featuring their own supply of beer on draught, as you would find in pubs.

These beers on tap will taste even better with a constant supply of high-quality CO2. Depending on the product you’re dispensing, you will require a CO2 cylinder or a mix of CO2 and nitrogen.

CO2 For Firefighting

For many people, mandatory fire training is becoming commonplace in the workplace. While formal training includes understanding the evacuation process, it could also include learning the different types of fire extinguishers.

CO2 fire extinguishers are essential in most offices due to their ability to stifle electrical fires. The CO2 replaces the oxygen fueling a fire, leading it to burn out and limiting any water damage to the surrounding area. They can also be used for most flammable liquids aside from a chip pan fire. Due to the speed at which the gas escapes the canister, using CO2 for a chip pan fire could further spread the flames.

CO2 Uses In The Garden

Plants and vegetables require CO2 for growth, and many farmers often choose to use CO2 for hydroponics to ensure the best crop yield. Hydroponics is the process of growing fruit and vegetables in water instead of more traditional methods with soil. This allows for the best produce possible and is a more efficient and effective way of farming. CO2 combined with water and the most optimum sunlight will produce significantly better photosynthesis and, in turn, create better quality crops.

CO2 can also be used within domestic greenhouses. Providing it is paired with the correct dispenser, you can assist plant growth at home with a monitored level of additional CO2.

CO2 for Stage Effects

A trip to the theatre would not be an immersive experience without the addition of CO2 Smoke machines. CO2 can create instant clouds of smoke or fog-like effects on stage, creating an enthralling or spooky atmosphere. The addition of smoke can create an incredible visual impact and provide suspense, magic and an experience you will feel. Used mainly by theatricals for an eery atmosphere, but often used by music artists, magicians and many other entertainment acts.

CO2 is used for many other purposes throughout industries and within homes. Ensuring the correct levels is important, but having the best quality is essential. As a bottled gas supplier within the UK, we are committed to ensuring that every product we supply is excellent for our customers’ needs. We offer delivery across the UK, and you can order any of our products online.