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CO2 Bottles & CO2 Gas Cylinders

CO2 Bottles & CO2 Gas Cylinders

CO2 Bottles & CO2 Gas Cylinders

CO2 bottles are used in a wide range of businesses and even in domestic settings, so being sure that you purchase high-quality CO2 gas cylinders is extremely important. The CO2 gas bottles vary in size and diameter depending on the filling quantity.  At Bottle Gases, we are proud to offer great prices on all our CO2 bottles and pride ourselves on providing fantastic customer service when you order with us.

As one of the UK’s leading carbon dioxide gas cylinder suppliers, we have always made it our mission to provide you with competitively priced CO2 bottles. All our cylinders are rigorously tested to ensure our customers’ safety while providing excellent quality CO2 gas cylinders.

 What is a CO2 Gas Canister Used For?

Glass Frosting – If you are in the hospitality trade, glass frosting with CO2 gas bottles is a premium way to keep beverages cool and a feature that will draw a crowd in the summer months.

Home Bars – With our various sized carbon dioxide gas cylinders, you can be sure that your home bar provides you with the perfect pint each time.

Paintball Tanks – Whether you are an enthusiast or run your own paintballing business, keeping them topped up with CO2 is an ongoing battle. We offer fast and reliable delivery of all our CO2 gas cylinders to ensure you never run out.

SodaStream’s – Originally popularised in the 70s and 80s, SodaStream is making a comeback. Who doesn’t want a cold refreshing drink made at home? Offering a healthy and eco-friendly alternative to store-bought carbonated drinks, make sure you only use the best quality CO2 cylinders with your machine for great tasting drinks.

Welding – Within welding, CO2 gas bottles are purchased for the process of dip transfer on thin and galvanised materials. We only provide 34kg carbon dioxide cylinders at present, but for most businesses, they will only need their CO2 gas cylinders refilled four times a year.

Planting – Having a supply of excellent quality carbon dioxide cylinders to assist with boosting plant growth can improve your yearly crop consistency. Purchasing our CO2 bottles as an addition to your greenhouse setup can help increase crop yield.

Hydroponics – The process of growing plants without soil. Through this method, CO2 is artificially produced by burning natural gas and separating the carbon and hydrogen atoms. The carbon is then mixed with oxygen to combine as CO2. With our CO2 bottles, you can rely on quality gas.

What Size CO2 Gas Canisters Can You Get From Us?

We are proud to offer a broad range of CO2 bottles to suit your needs. We always advise speaking with our team if you are unsure of the amounts you may go through. We have a helpful guide alongside most of our CO2 cylinders to assist you in making your decision. We stock carbon dioxide gas cylinders from 1.5KG up to 34KG.

Rent Free CO2 Gas Cylinders

When it comes to organising a reliable supply of CO2 gas bottles, you need a trustworthy and cost-effective supplier. We offer carbon dioxide cylinders rent-free, meaning you will never have to pay for more gas than you need.

All our CO2 gas bottles are tested for quality, giving you the confidence that when you buy from us you are receiving high-quality products at our lowest price.

Contact Us for CO2 Gas Today 

You can view our extensive range of CO2 gas on our website, where you can find more detailed overviews of our selection of cylinders. If you require any more information about any of our CO2 gas cylinders, you can get in touch with our team today.

Simply call us on 01843 220 596 to speak to an advisor directly, or if you are pressed for time right now, use our online enquiry form , and a member of staff will be in touch at a more convenient time.