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CO2 for Plants

CO2 for Plants

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CO2 is an essential component of plant photosynthesis, as it is combined with water and light to produce energy for the plant that allows it to grow. Whilst plants have naturally evolved to sequester the natural ambient concentrations of CO2 in the surrounding air, in closed environments, plants can quickly use up the CO2 in the atmosphere, meaning levels fall lower than desired.

CO2 for Hydroponics

Many farmers choose to use hydroponics and grow their plants in water over traditional methods of planting in the soil as the method can produce faster plant growth and healthier crops.

To increase plant productivity and efficiency in hydroponics, the use of CO2 is essential. When combined with the optimum levels of light, humidity and temperature, the addition of supplemental CO2 can bolster photosynthesis and plant growth. Not only does CO2 supplementation help ensure levels do not drop below the desired concentrations, but plants are actually capable of taking in more CO2 than natural background levels allow. Supplying additional CO2 gas can dramatically increase efficiency compared to traditional plant growth methods.

Our Range Of CO2 For Plants

If you are looking to give your plants a boost, then our range of CO2 for plants and hydroponics is an ideal solution for you. CO2 gas is proven to encourage the fastest levels of growth, so it’s well worth investing in if you require enhanced plant growth either at home or for business purposes.

You’ll find that all of the CO2 for plants we stock are food-grade, making them exceptional quality. In addition, we only invest in the highest-quality CO2 gas and ensure that each of our bottles are regularly tested in line with current industry standards.

To ensure we have the right size cylinder for your needs, we stock the following sizes:

  • 5kg – Ideal if you only grow a small number of plants
  • 15kg – ideal if you only grow a small number of plants
  • 35kg – Perfect for home growing enthusiasts
  • 15kg -Perfect for business and home use
  • 34kg – Perfect for business use

No matter how big or small your requirements are, you can rest assured that we have the perfect solution for you.

We deliver right across the UK and take great pride in our quick and easy ordering process. Any products you purchase from us will be of the highest quality and safely delivered right to your door.

When to Add CO2 to Plants

Knowing when to apply CO2 to encourage healthy plant growth correctly is essential. Whilst CO2 is not required at nighttime, since photosynthesis happens during daylight hours, CO2 can be added pre-sunrise and is particularly beneficial on cloudy days. For those looking to stimulate plant growth at nighttime, CO2 can be used in conjunction with high-pressure sodium lighting.

Adding CO2 to seedlings or rootlings is particularly beneficial to those growing large quantities, and the gas applied during green growth stages can shorten the time it takes for plants to reach maturity.

CO2 for Plants & Hydroponics From Bottle Gases

If you’re looking for CO2 gas for plants, then view our range in more depth. If you want to find out more about any of the products on our website, including beer and cellar gas, MIG welding gas and LPG, please don’t hesitate to contact our friendly experts. Call us today on 01843 220596 or use our online enquiry form.