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TIG Welding Gas

TIG Welding Gas

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At Bottle Gases, we supply Argon gas for all your TIG welding needs, suitable for hobby and trade welders alike. We have a wide range of cylinder sizes to suit all requirements.

What is TIG Welding?

TIG Welding, otherwise known as Tungsten Inert Gas Welding, is a welding process in which a tungsten electrode is used to create an arc between the base metal. This allows for a filler metal to be melted into the gap, fusing the two pieces together. TIG Welding is a popular technique in pipeline welding, sheet metal industries, aerospace and other aviation.

It’s common to use argon gas cylinders for TIG welding, and our argon welding gas bottles are very popular for this reason.

Pure Argon Welding Gas Cylinders

Bottle Gases have a wide range of cylinder sizes containing 100% argon gas for TIG welding. Argon is a chemically inert gas, making it unreactive under most conditions. Its static properties make argon non-flammable and non-corrosive. One of the most common applications for argon and other inert gases is welding. Inert gases protect compounds prone to oxidation, which can damage the weld.

Pure argon gas canisters contain a TIG welding gas is recommended for welding carbon steel, stainless steel and aluminium. The protective bubble or umbrella of gas formed over the workpiece helps keep the weld pure and clear. In addition, argon helps protect the weld pool from environmental impurities such as oxygen and maintains a strong welding arc. Without argon shielding gas, the melted filler material risks exposure to oxygen, triggering oxidation. The oxidation process weakens the metal and can cause corrosion, leading to a failed weld.

We also supply argon gas bottles as a MIG welding gas for certain alloys when partnered with the correct choice of MIG welding wire.

Whether you’re looking for TIG welding gas for home projects or your business relies on argon welding gas to operate on a day-to-day basis, Bottle Gases are sure to have the right solution for your needs.

Why is Argon Shielding Gas Used Over Other Inert Gas for TIG Welding

Argon shielding gas is the most commonly used inert gas for TIG welding. Besides being an inert gas, meaning it is stable and unreactive, argon offers several other benefits in the welding process over other gases such as Helium. Argon has lower ionisation potential than the other shielding gases, assisting narrow penetration. A low ionisation potential means that Argon shielding gas produces a thin, high-current-density arc that results in deep and precise penetration. Overall, this creates a cleaner weld.

Argon welding gas is also favoured in TIG Welding as it is substantially cheaper than gases like Helium. Additionally, when compared to Helium, Argon shielding gas also has a much heavier weight, which means it requires a lower flow rate. A lower flow rate is advantageous as it not only lowers the cost of the operation but minimises the risk of the flow becoming turbulent, eventually leading to contamination of the weld.

Our Range of TIG Welding Gas

To ensure that all our customers receive the correct type of TIG welding gas for their requirements, we offer pure argon gas in a variety of different cylinder sizes, from 2L Argon cylinders to 50L Argon cylinders. 2L bottles are ideal for anyone who needs to move their canister around regularly, and 50L bottles are well suited to businesses that use this gas daily. All our cylinders are pressurised to 200 bar and are suitable for welding aluminium and stainless steel with absolute ease.

Contact Us for More Information On TIG Welding Gas

If you’re interested in purchasing TIG welding gas but want additional information before committing to the purchase or want to know about our alternative MIG welding gas range, our team are on hand to help. We pride ourselves on providing second-to-none customer service, so you can rest assured we will do our very best to give you all the advice and guidance you require.

You can speak to us directly today by calling us on 01843 220 596, or by filling in our simple online enquiry form, and we will be in touch with you shortly. You can also shop our extensive range of bottle gas, including helium gas canisters and Campingaz.