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CO2 Fire Extinguisher Refill Service For Up To 1Kg – Filled while you wait



Our CO2 refill service is available for the majority of major brands that include:

  • Sodastream old/new,
  • Midget Widget,
  • ISTA 0.5 l,
  • Grohe Blue,
  • Linde CO2, 
  • Simeo CO2,
  • Hambleton Bard S30/S20,
  • Alco2Jet,
  • Paintball 12oz,
  • Airgun 12oz
  • BrewKing
  • Fire Extinguishers

Adams Gas are an EN ISO 9001: 2015 certified company ensuring quality control is a premium

We use calibrated scales ensuring all our fills are exactly what you pay for.

We have the capability of filling 1 – 1000 + cylinders, and our filling stations are run by fully trained operatives

Pre-fill checks are carried out on all cylinders to ensure they are still within test standard and are in good repair, as well as validation of ownership.

Please note 

  • the price stated is for filling a cylinder with up to 1000 grams of CO2 only
  • the cylinders are filled while you wait at our Margate depot or we can arrange a collection and delivery service for up to 6 cylinders at a time. See below for more details or message for further details or call 01843 220596
  • we can only filled cylinder that are owned by the customer and can not fill cylinder that state 3rd party filling is prohibited
  • if the cylinders are passed their 10 year test dates, we will not fill them for safety reason. Subject to the type of cylinder, we can offer a cylinder retesting service, to enable the cylinder to be used for another 10 years. Please speak to us for further details
  • the address to bring your cylinder is , Adams Gas, Strasbourg Street, Westwood Industrial Estate, Margate, Kent, CT9 4JJ. 01843 220596
  • Opening hours 8.00 am – 5.00 pm Monday to Friday
  • On courier price of £9.60, only cover s the cost of returning filled cylinders to you. you would have to send in your own empty cylinders for us to fill
  • On courier price of £23.64, covers the cost of collection of boxed empty cylinders from customers home or business address and returning filled cylinders to the same address

If you are not able to bring your cylinder to us we can offer the following options

  1.  You can post your empty cylinder to us, we can then fill your bottle and then send back to you. The cost to for the courier to you would be £9.60 for up to 4 cylinders, weighing no more than 20 kg
  2. We can arrange collection of your empty cylinders, up to 4 cylinders, weighing no more than 20 kg. we can then fill the bottles and send back to you. The cost for the courier would be £23.64 including collection and delivery