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Our Gases

Here at Bottle Gases, we stock a range of gases, including various sizes and refills. If you’re looking to restock your home bar with our beer and cellar gasses, or start-up a welding business using MIG or TIG gas, we’re here to help you choose the best gas for your next project.

On this page, we’ve outlined the gases we have available, plus the many different uses and applications.

Nitrogen Cylinders

Our nitrogen cylinders are frequently used by technicians to flush air conditioning units or refrigeration systems safely and effectively. By using nitrogen, trapped moisture is absorbed to help your system run more efficiently, as well as remove sludge, soot and contaminants.

In the food and drinks industry, nitrogen is widely used as a non-chemical method of preservation. By adding this gas to the preservation process, the quality and availability of perishable goods are significantly improved.

Within motorsports, our nitrogen gas is often used for tyre inflation, as the gas has a consistent rate of expansion. This versatile gas can also be used for aircraft maintenance, go-karts or as a portable power supply for air tools.

Take a look at our full catalogue of nitrogen gas products.

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Beer Gas & Cellar Gas Cylinders

Our range of beer gas and cellar gas are popular for both home bars and local businesses.

You can make beer from the comfort of your own home using carbon dioxide, nitrogen, or a mix of the two. Most pubs use carbon dioxide formulas, though many craft companies use nitrogen gas to create the creamy head on your beer.

Take your pick from our easy to handle 2L cylinder, right through to our huge 50L canister.

If you’re interested in purchasing CO2 to make beer, you might want to check out our blog post with tips on how to create your own home bar.

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CO2 Bottles & CO2 Gas Cylinders

CO2 gas bottles can be used across a wide range of businesses or for domestic use, including glass frosting, welding, home bar dispensing, aiding plant growth, paintball guns or for use in your SodaStream.

It’s important to buy high-quality CO2 gas and when you buy from us, you can be sure that each bottle has been tested regularly to guarantee our customers safety.

Whether you need a 1.5kg bottle for a small project or 34kg for more frequent use, we can help to choose the correct gas for you.

Shop our range of CO2 gas cylinders.

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TIG Welding Gas

TIG welding can be carried out in many ways, including flat, overhead and vertical welds which is why it is used within most industries for many metal types.

Our TIG welding gas is often used for trade and hobby welders, which is why we stock both large and small canisters, each pressurised to 200 bar.

We stock 2% CO2 / Argon Mix gas, as well as pure Argon gas, so whether you’re welding stainless steel, copper, aluminium, brass or even gold, we have something suitable for you.

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MIG Welding Gas

The most commonly used gas for MIG welding is our CO2 and argon gas cylinders.

We stock a variety of MIG welding gas, from portable 2L bottles, right up to 50L cylinders — great for projects that require a lot of argon gas.

Our CO2 and Argon mix cylinders can be used for welding steels of varying thickness, including:

  • 2% CO2 / Argon –  suitable for MIG and TIG welding
  • 5% CO2 / Argon – suitable for welding steel up to a thickness of 6mm
  • 12% CO2 / Argon – suitable for welding steel thickness of between 4mm – 10mm
  • 20% CO2 / Argon – suitable for welding steel thickness between 6mm – 12mm
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Oxy-Fuel Gas

Our range of oxy-fuel gas is popular for welding and is great for cutting metals with ease. We stock various types of this gas, from propane to propylene and oxygen gas — each capable of providing you with high-quality fuel for your next project.

While our 13kg propane gas cylinders are regularly used by canal or narrow boat owners for cooking and heating, they are also used by catering vans and for industrial appliances, such as shrink wrap guns and floor sweepers in factories.

Browse our range of oxy-fuel gases.

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Calor Gas & LPG Gas Bottles

Our range of Calor gas includes BBQ and patio gas, butane, propane and Camping Gaz — with cylinders available in different quantities, so you can be sure to find the right one for you.

Liquid petroleum gas (LPG) contains a flammable mixture of hydrocarbon gases which can be used as fuel for cooking equipment and heating appliances.

Butane and propane are both popular choices for camping, caravanning and BBQs as they can be used for portable heating and lighting barbecues.

See our full collection of Calor gas and LPG gas canisters.

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Helium Canisters

The versatility of helium gas means it can be used for anything from inflating balloons to cleaning rocket fuel tanks!

Our helium canisters for balloons are popular with our customers for social occasions, including weddings, parties and home bar use. Our easy to use Fill ‘n Away Helium Balloon Kits are great for all celebrations and are certain to make it a day to remember.

View all of our helium products here.

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