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BBQ & Patio Gas Bottles

BBQ & Patio Gas Bottles

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  • Calor Gas Propane 13KG Refill. For BBQ's and Patio Heaters

    13KG Propane Patio Gas

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Propane Gas Bottle for BBQ

Enjoying a BBQ with the family in the Great British sunshine is a staple for many families around the country, so it’s essential you invest in the right gas to ensure your family event goes off without a hitch.

Capable of heating a BBQ in a matter of moments, our range of BBQ and patio gas offers a cost-effective selection of products to suit all your requirements. The versatility of our range of propane refillable gas bottles makes them perfect for both barbecuing on summer evenings but also to fuel your patio heater when the weather turns cooler.

Selection of BBQ Gas Bottles & Patio Gas Bottles

Whether you’re feeding the family or hosting a garden party, preparing food on your BBQ quickly and safely and getting your patio heater up to full heat as efficiently as possible is essential. That’s why you need access to high-quality LPG gas, which is tested regularly to guarantee safety and gas condition.

Here at Bottle Gases, we are proud to stock a wide range of gases, including high-grade BBQ and patio gas suitable for domestic and commercial use. Purchasing gas couldn’t be more accessible, as we deliver right to your door, and we’ll refill your bottles once they’re used – all you need to do is hit the order button, and we do the rest!

We are pleased to offer the following patio and BBQ gas bottle sizes, both of which are refillable:

The Benefits of Using Propane Gas for BBQ and Patio Gas

Gas BBQs commonly use liquefied petroleum gas (LPG). There are two different types of LPG; butane and propane. Although both gases can be used as BBQ and patio gas, butane is more commonly used as Campingaz and for indoor portable heaters due to its higher boiling point.

Our patio and BBQ gas bottles use propane gas, which is more regularly used as BBQ and patio gas. Propane gas has a variety of benefits when used as BBQ and patio gas:

Accessible to Use – BBQ gas bottles are straightforward to use and simply require attaching to your BBQ to get started. With Bottle Gases, our BBQ and patio gas bottles are easy to connect and require little maintenance. Once connected, gas can flow through to the BBQ or patio appliance, and all you need to do is trigger the ignition switch.

Rapid Ignition – When lit, propane burns almost instantly and takes little time to reach maximum heat output. This makes propane an ideal solution for quicker cooking when using a BBQ, resulting in significantly less time spent waiting around for the appliance to heat up than a solid fuel BBQ. Using propane gas as BBQ and patio gas provides an efficient solution to outdoor cooking.

Works All Year Round – The boiling temperature of propane sits at around -42°c, making it ideal for use in colder temperatures. This fact means that you can continue to enjoy your outdoor BBQ and patio gas appliances even in the colder months, as the low boiling point allows propane to ignite in colder temperatures. Our patio and BBQ gas bottles can be used all year round, making them a sound investment.

Enhanced Taste – Though not scientifically proven, a popular opinion among many is that BBQs fueled using a propane BBQ gas bottle can actually make the food taste nicer than if cooked using butane gas.

Order Bottled Gas Perfect for Barbecues & Patio Heaters Today

We are pleased to offer BBQ and patio gas online today. If you require more information about any of the bottle gas we have in stock here at Bottle Gases, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our friendly advisors. You can call us on 01843 220 596 or use our simple online contact form.