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Why You Should Choose A Gas BBQ Over Charcoal

With summer rolling in, there is nothing better than getting out in the garden with the whole family and lighting up that BBQ for some delicious burgers and sausages. If you’re thinking about updating your BBQ for the summer nights that lie ahead, you’re probably thinking about whether to go with a charcoal or a gas BBQ.

Charcoal and gas are very different ways of lighting up your BBQ. While they will both give you that satisfying sizzle that you’re after as you load up the grill, they will offer entirely different cooking experiences. One will definitely be more suited to your needs than the other, depending on what kind of BBQ experience you want. Here’s a closer look at charcoal and gas BBQs so you can decide which one is the best for you.


Charcoal can be a relatively cost-effective way to light a BBQ as a bag of charcoal chips will not be very expensive. When lit, they will provide a gentle heat for cooking that builds up over time, and they can burn even hotter than gas.

However, charcoal chips can take a long time to get going. Sometimes the flame just won’t take, and you’ll end up spending a long time trying to light your charcoal and get it going, which can be very time consuming and mean you waste time that you could be using to cook your food. This can be a nightmare if everyone is stood around getting hungry and you’re struggling to get the BBQ lit. You will also need to add more charcoal while cooking if they start burning out and you still have more food to cook.

Charcoal is also messy and requires cleaning up at the end of the BBQ, and you’ll have to throw away all those burnt charcoal chips, which can feel very wasteful. Charcoal BBQs also don’t have very many features that allow you to control the heat or flame, so you have to work with what you have.

It’s also worth mentioning that using charcoal for BBQs creates an awful lot of smoke, which can be troublesome if your neighbours are particular or if you have anyone who struggles with smoke inhalation in your party. If you are looking for an effective and efficient way to cook on your BBQ without huge amounts of smoke, then it’s essential that you consider alternatives to the traditional charcoal fire.

Coal BBQ


One of the best things about gas BBQs compared to charcoal ones is that you don’t have to wait for it to ignite. It is by far the more convenient of the two methods, as you can simply turn it on and you’re ready to get cooking in no time at all.

There is also no messy charcoal to clear up at the end of your BBQ, simply turn off the gas and it’s ready to use the next time around. A gas BBQ can also come with a range of accessories like side burners or smoke boxes, giving you more versatility when cooking. The steam that the gas grill gives off can also add some moisture to the meat you’re preparing, allowing for a more delicious BBQ experience.

It can take as little as ten minutes for a gas BBQ to reach cooking temperature, and it can be adjusted while cooking for easy temperature control. And with the gas burners, the heat is very direct and consistent, making it easier than ever to cook a range of things that require different temperatures at the same time. You can be absolutely sure that your meat is thoroughly cooked when cooking on a gas BBQ, whereas with charcoal there can be some inconsistencies and cooler spots on the grill.

While the gas canisters can be a little heavy to carry and move, it’s a small price to pay for a much easier BBQ experience with none of the messy clean up or waiting around for the grill to heat up, not to mention the versatility that the gas BBQ features can provide.

A gas BBQ is perfect for grilling up some delicious meats and veg for the whole family. With minimal prep and planning needed, you can get out your gas BBQ any time, crank it up and prepare food for the whole family as quickly and efficiently as you would in the kitchen.

Meat on BBQ

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