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How To Make The Most Of Your Next Camping Trip

Camping can be great fun for families, couples and groups of friends alike. Roughing it in the wilderness – but with plenty of home comforts brought along – is a wonderful way to try something new and create lasting memories.

Planning for a camping trip can be hectic, there’s a lot to remember and an awful lot that can be forgotten. Here is how to make the most out of your next camping trip.

Tent at night

Pick an Appropriate Tent Size

When you read the labels on tents with their recommended amount of people who can comfortably fit inside, remember to take the advice with a pinch of salt. What the manufacturer recommends might not be the right size for you and your friends and/or family. If a tent says it’s for two people, the chances are that only one will be able to sleep in it comfortably, and a three-person tent is more suitable for two etc.

Depending on your budget, opting for a bigger tent than you might think you need is a great way to ensure there is enough space for everyone. Remember, even if you try a tent out in the shop, there’s a big difference between sitting inside for a few seconds on a shop floor than actually trying to live in one over a weekend.

Arrive at Your Campsite Early

Make sure you get to your campsite early to get the best pitching spot for your tent or caravan. But if you do arrive late, prioritise finding that perfect spot before stopping to use the toilets or start cooking. Only once you’ve found your base can you get to work on settling in and getting comfortable. It’s much more challenging to set up a tent once it starts getting dark, so always have pitching the tent as your number one priority.

Choose High Ground

If camping in a tent, higher ground can be a good way to go for pitching spots. While this position may look like it might be more susceptible to wind, if you settle your tent in a nook at the bottom of a hill you could find yourself sat in a pond by the morning.

Keep Warm at Night

Prevent yourself from getting too cold in the night by packing a good quality sleeping bag and a roll mat to keep you off the cold ground. Layer up and keep those socks on through the night. Never use a fire or barbeque to warm up inside a tent or caravan, as these can give off dangerous fumes that need to be well ventilated.

A person sitting next to a tent

Ensure Your Tent Stays Clean

This goes for caravans too but tents are particularly susceptible to becoming dirty and then making it a nightmare to clean. If you troop into your tent with muddy boots, not only will that be unpleasant to live with at the time, but the next time you get your tent out for a trip it will smell unbearable. Make sure you keep muddy wellies outside, left undercover to shield them from the rain, and never step into the tent in them. Keep your tent or caravan a mud-soaked welly-free zone. 

Prep Meals Ahead of Time

Cooking can be one of the most time-consuming aspects of camping, so make sure you get a head start by preparing beforehand. Mix any spices that are needed for individual dishes into small pots to take with you that can then be sprinkled onto the food as it cooks. Use zip-lock bags to keep your dry ingredients dry and chop up meat and veg before you leave to save on having to find space to chop safely.

Plan your meals for each day and each person – but remember to throw in some emergency snacks – and section them into the days you will be away. Water bottles are great for holding the likes of condiments, raw eggs, dressing, pancake batter etc. so you can save on using utensils while you’re camping.

Bring Gas

To cook effectively, you’re going to need some gas. While some people might want to risk roughing it and starting a fire from scratch, this can be very time consuming, not to mention very difficult in abysmal weather.

Bottled gas for camping, like Camping Gaz, can reliably supply you with butane for your camping stove or camping cookers. Never be left out in the rain with soggy food, these bottles are easy to use and can provide a reliable way to light your stove and get to work cooking up some fantastic camping grub.

Camping Gaz

Glamp Up Your Tent

Some people like the rough, weathered experience of camping, but just because you’re not using a caravan doesn’t mean you can’t camp in comfort and style. There are a few simple things you can do to make that tent more homely and comfortable, like bringing throw pillows, fairy lights to hang up inside, bunting and some cosy throws. Make your tent your home away from home and settle in for the ultimate camping experience.

The next time you go camping, whether it’s to pitch a tent or park your caravan, make sure it’s the best experience possible by following our guide. And don’t forget to bring your Camping Gaz so you can cook in the great outdoors with ease.