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Helium Canisters for Balloons

Helium Canisters for Balloons

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  • Helium Balloon Gas 2.2L for Partys, Ballon arches, Helium needs

The secret weapon for any professional party planner, helium tanks cut the time taken to blow up a large number of balloons down to a fraction of the traditional way. Being ready with a helium canister for balloons frees up a huge amount of time for whatever else needs preparing – and it won’t leave you out of breath or lightheaded by the time you’re done!

Bottle Gases offer both refillable and disposable helium cylinders for balloons, depending on how often you need them. A surprise party for a family member’s big birthday or a wedding balloon arch might be best served by a disposable helium cylinder. A professional party company or a corporate events planner going into the busy summer season might want to start using refillable canisters of helium gas for balloons.

Why Use Helium Canisters for Balloons?

Helium has dozens of uses in as many industries, but domestically, there’s only one reason you’d buy a helium canister: for balloons. At Bottle Gases, our priority is quality, so our helium cylinders are perfect for this important job.

Whether you need helium for latex party balloons (easily the most common reason) or you have a canister earmarked for shiny foil balloons, perhaps the big letters spelling out a message to the guest of honour, we can fill your order.

Disposable or Refillable Helium Tanks for Balloons

It’s important that you be able to order the right amount of helium for your purposes. The canisters we offer can fill between 30 balloons and 400 balloons (assuming standard sized balloons) with options in between for 35 (refillable), 50, and 150 balloons.

It’s important to remember that these numbers are for typical balloon sizes. If you’re looking at the shiny foil balloons, remember that many of these are much larger, and so it’s best to get larger helium canisters for your balloons just in case.

At Bottle Gases we’re proud of our ability to provide the right solution for everyone – and that’s why we have so many different sizes of helium cylinders designed for filling balloons. Better than that – we can also supply balloons and ribbons, so you can get the whole package from one place, with decorative ribbons to hand if needed.

The process is simple – place your deposit, pay for the gas, and whenever the canister’s empty, send it back to us for a refill.

Storing our Helium Gas Cylinders

If you find you’ve still got some helium left over after every balloon’s been blown up, don’t worry; you can store any Bottle Gases helium canister safely for as long as you need – just keep them in an indoor, well-ventilated environment and be sure the valve is closed.

Your helium will be perfectly safe to reuse later.

Contact us for Helium Gas for Balloons

If you’re hosting a party at home and need helium canisters for 30 balloonshelium canisters for 50 balloons or even more, our products will certainly meet your requirements. However, if you’re not quite sure which size you will require or have any other questions about any of our products, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today. You can speak to our friendly advisors directly by calling us on 01843 220 596, or you can get in touch via our quick and easy online enquiry form.

Alternatively, you can also view our other types of bottle gas, ranging from nitrogen cylinders to BBQ gas bottles.