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Paintball CO2 Tanks

Paintball CO2 Tanks

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If you are a paintball enthusiast or own a paintballing business, then you’ll definitely need plenty of CO2 on hand to ensure you or your customers are ready to enter the arena at all times. Investing in high-quality paintball CO2 tanks is a must, as subpar solutions can cause issues for users.

Our Range Of CO2 Tanks for Paintball Guns

Paintball has vastly grown in popularity in recent years, and thanks to this boom you’ll find that quality CO2 gas has become more affordable for the end-user. You’ll also find that all of our tanks are completely refillable, so simply use your CO2 and send the tank back to us for a refill whenever you’re done!

You can expect to get approximately 1056 shots per KG of CO2 you purchase, so depending on how often you will be using your paintball CO2 tank, you can adjust the size of cylinder you purchase.

At Bottle Gases, we stock the following sizes of paintball CO2 tanks:

  • 5kg – around 1500 shots
  • 15kg – around 3300 shots
  • 35kg – around 6700 shots
  • 15kg – around 15,800 shots
  • 34kg – around 35,900 shots

Along with use for paintballs, you’ll also find that this gas is perfect for use in air rifles too.

Purchase Paintball CO2 Tanks Today

If you are not completely sure which CO2 product or cylinder size is right for your requirements, why not get in touch with our experts today? We have a team on hand ready to give you any advice you require, so please do call us on 01843 220596 or use our online enquiry form.