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Please note, our range of 34kg cylinders are intended for Business users, who will use a minimum of 4 refills per year. This product is only available for delivery in Kent, East Sussex, South & Central London. Deliveries are made using Adams gas own delivery vehicle. Click & Collect service availabe from our depot in Margate, Kent only.

CO2 (Carbon Dioxide) For MIG Welding. 34kg Content


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34KG CO2 Gas for MIG Welding

This large bottle of CO2 gas for MIG welding will facilitate your welding needs, and is particularly well suited for professional welders due to its larger size and the slightly more unstable arc produced from CO2 shielding gas. CO2 only MIG welding gas can allow for deep penetration of the weld, making it suitable for larger weld thicknesses. As a cost effective choice of MIG welding gas we would recommend that MIG welding wire with deoxidisers is used to prevent high weld porosity. This 34kg CO2 cylinder has the following properties and applications:

  • 99.9% CO2 MIG (MAG) Welding Mild Steel
  • Material Thickness 1mm – 14mm+
  • Used in dip transfer on thin and galvanised materials.
  • Recommended for some core wires
  • Cylinder size 153cm * 24cm
  • They use the same regulator fittings as BOC, Air products and Air liquid
  • No bottle rental
  • No environmental charges
  • No fees to come and collect a cylinder

Applications and Users

  • Mig Welding

Please note

All cylinders are owned , maintained and tested by Adams gas and are never at any point owned by the user. To check the test date of a cylinder, please look at the colored ring around the gas valve.

The deposit on the cylinder is held by Adams gas and is fully refundable on return of the cylinder, at any point and is not subject to a limited time frame.

The deposit will only be refunded to the account holder, should the cylinder be passed on to a third party, please notify us to avoid any confusion later on.

Additional information

Weight 103.5 kg
Bottle options

Bottle Deposit and Gas (First Bottle), Exchange Empty for Full

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