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What is the Best Gas for MIG Welding?

Quality MIG welding gas plays a crucial role in ensuring that each weld is completed to a high standard. We pride ourselves on offering a comprehensive range of CO2 and Argon gas suitable for all MIG welding projects.

MIG welding is a popular arc welding method that uses a constant solid wire electrode which is heated and fed from a welding gun into the weld pool. The speed and ease of MIG welding mean that it is relatively easy to pick us as a beginner and it is also widely used across a number of professional industries.

In this blog, we’ll take a closer look at our range of MIG welding gas and the benefits of each mixed cylinder that we offer.

man with helmet using welding equipment

Welding Gas Mixes from Bottled Gas

As a trusted supplier of MIG welding gas, we have a huge selection of cylinders available, from 2L hobby-sized bottles to large 50L cylinders that are perfect for businesses that require large amounts of Argon gas.

Below we have outlined the different types of MIG welding gas that we stock and recommendations for applications:

2% CO2 and Argon Mix

Our 2% CO2 and Argon mix is popular for MIG welding due to its weld quality and appearance. This mix reduces the need for ‘post-weld clean up’ with puddle control and a more reduced spatter (than CO2) in its pure form.

5% CO2 / Argon

The 5% CO2 Argon mix is needed for welding steel up to a thickness of 6mm. You can apply this MIG welding gas to both fillet and butt welds. We would recommend the 2% or 5% CO2 mixes for highly specialised welding applications. Another benefit of this gas is that it has desirable arc stability for a very clean weld.

man with helmet using welding gas

12% CO2 / Argon

This MIG gas will give you a very stable welding arc. Experienced MIG welders will use a mix of between 75-95% argon and 25-5% CO2 mix (depending on your steel thickness). Our 12% CO2 Argon mix is ideal for welding steel thicknesses between 4mm – 10mm.

20% CO2 / Argon

Our 20% CO2 and argon mix can be applied to a welding steel thickness between 6mm – 12mm. Although this mix gives you arc stability, it’s important to consider that you may create more spatter due to the increased level of CO2 in the mix — you can counteract this with wire speed.

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99.9% CO2 Welding Gas

If you’re looking for a cost-effective MIG welding gas option, then you should take a look at our 99.9% CO2 welding gas. Choose from a variety of cylinder sizes, suitable for many applications for a variety of industries.

Pure Argon Cylinders 

We also offer pure argon as a MIG welding gas option. This gas is most effective when used to weld aluminium or for MIG brazing copper. Pure argon can be used as a last resort when welding steel; however, the quality of the weld will suffer, and it is best to use a mixed gas cylinder of CO2 and Argon. We have a great range of 100% Argon cylinders, which are also suitable as TIG welding gas.

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As experienced bottled gas suppliers, we’re more than happy to assist you in any way we can, all you need to do is get in touch, and our experts will do the rest!

We have a team of experienced staff waiting to take your call, so please do feel free to contact us at 01843 220 596 or send us an enquiry by using our online enquiry form today.