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Nitrogen for Air Conditioning

Nitrogen for Air Conditioning

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Nitrogen gas has many uses, such as in motor sports, food and wine preservation and air conditioning (AC). While Freon used to be popular for AC units, nitrogen has been found to be incredibly useful to clean them when they oxidise; the gas has many other benefits that make it the perfect choice for air conditioning.

For instance, nitrogen is eco-friendly and doesn’t contain chlorine – seeing as it’s an inert gas, you won’t have to worry about chemical reactions with other materials either.

At Bottle Gases, we have a wide range of nitrogen cylinders that are oxygen-free and which are perfect for AC units, pipeline purging and air conditioning engineers.

Nitrogen Cylinders for Air Conditioning at Bottle Gases

Our vast selection of nitrogen gas varies from smaller 2-litre bottles to larger 50-litre cylinders, meaning they’re suitable for your individual requirements, no matter what they are.

Adding to this, the cylinders come with pressure ranging from 137 to 200 bar, so you can be confident that our products will be just right for your needs. We also don’t charge bottle rental, fees to come and collect a cylinder or environmental charges.

Our nitrogen gas is of the highest quality and tested according to current industry regulations and practices, and our cylinders are ready to use as soon as you receive them.

Get in Touch to Learn More About Our Nitrogen Cylinders

Our line of nitrogen gas cylinders is suitable for a large number of applications. If you’re unsure which cylinder to choose, Bottle Gases can help; we have a team of experts on hand happy to advise and to help you make a decision.

So, please don’t hesitate to contact us today on 01843 220 596 or send us your enquiry (as well as any questions you may have about our nitrogen gas) to