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Nitrogen for Tyres in Motorsport

Nitrogen for Tyres in Motorsport

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Nitrogen for Tyres in Motorsport 

An incredibly versatile gas, nitrogen is inert and doesn’t react with other substances, such as oxygen, making it ideal for a range of applications. These include air conditioning and food and wine preservation.  

However, nitrogen gas is also a fantastic choice in motorsports, especially for tyre inflation, as the gas doesn’t expand with heat. Tyres lose pressure over time, but using nitrogen over regular air will reduce pressure loss by up to 40%, resulting in more consistent tyre pressure over time.  


Uses of Nitrogen Gas in the Motor Industry 

At Bottle Gases, we have nitrogen gas for several applications, so you can be sure that when you purchase nitrogen gas for motorsports from our range, you can use it in a whole host of ways. We have nitrogen gas bottles suitable for the following uses:  

  • Tyre filling 
  • Aircraft maintenance 
  • Shock absorbers
  • Fire suppression systems


Bottle Gases Offers Nitrogen Cylinders for Tyre Inflation   

Our nitrogen gas for tyres is always of the highest quality. We take pride in supplying our customers with the very best products on offer, so you’ll be pleased to know that our products are tested for safety and quality – this ensures you don’t have to worry about potential issues or lack of performance.  

You can get cylinders from Bottle Gases that range from 9.4-litre to 50-litre capacity, great for motor racing teams (nitrogen for tyres and shock absorber filling is very common in the sector).  

We aim to meet your exact specifications, which is why we also provide cylinders with 137 to 200 bar of pressure, which are designed for ease of use.  

And, if you’re unsure how much nitrogen gas you require or which cylinders to get, you can also speak to the Bottle Gases team, who’ll be happy to help and to answer any questions you may have.  


Get in Touch with Us for More Information on Nitrogen for Tyres  

The many nitrogen gas cylinders we offer at Bottle Gases are suitable for various industries and applications, from food to motorsports.  

Feel free to contact us today on 01843 220 596 to get your order in or email us at if you want to learn more about this gas, nitrogen for tyres or the many bottles and cylinders we provide.