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How to use Helium Gas

Helium gas has many uses, from welding applications to medicine, party balloons and blimp inflation. It’s an incredibly versatile gas and is essential for many industries across the globe.  

In this blog, we’ll focus on the use of helium gas for parties, events and special occasions. Now that lockdown is over, it’s the perfect time to host a gathering with the whole family, made extra special with vibrant balloons and decorations.

Helium Gas for Balloons

Balloon displays not only make for a great centrepiece at a party, but they are also weatherproof and can set the mood at your next event or celebration. Here at Bottle Gases, we offer both disposable and refillable helium canisters for balloons, so you can be sure we have a solution for your exact requirements.

Multi coloured helium filled balloons

Our ‘Fill N Away’ disposable balloon kits are perfect for small gatherings, like birthday parties or one-off celebrations. Our refillable helium balloon gas is more suited to those working within the events industry or party/wedding planning. Whether you’re planning the wedding of the year or a children’s birthday party, we have a suitable canister or balloon kit for your needs.

When choosing the type of balloon you want to inflate, several types are available, including latex and foil/mylar — all of which can be filled with our refillable gas canisters. As a guide, our 9.4L helium canisters will inflate up to 150 balloons, or the larger 20L gas bottle will fill up to 400 balloons. Our range of 20L cylinders is intended for business use and hobbyists who might need up to two refills per year. 

In particular, mylar or foil balloons are popular for children’s parties, as they are available in different shapes, like their favourite cartoon character or animal. You will find they are slightly more expensive than regular latex balloons, but it’s possible to create a stunning display that combines the two types of balloons. Another benefit of foil balloons is that you can refill them over their 3-4 day float time. 

childrens birthday party with children cheering

For businesses, helium balloons are an ideal all-weather marketing tool. You can promote your brand logo and gain free exposure and brand visibility — see it travel with your customers around your town or city for hours on end.

How to Inflate Balloons with Helium 

When inflating balloons with our easy Fill N Away balloon kits, you should ensure to place the cylinder on a flat surface with the nozzle facing away from you. Next, you should oven the valve by turning it counterclockwise for approximately three full turns.

Our kits come with latex balloons, so you will now be ready to inflate your balloons. Insert the tip of the nozzle into the balloon opening using both hands so that it is securely fastened. To start filling your balloon, hold the balloon’s neck with one hand and gently press down on the nozzle — this will begin to release the helium gas into your balloon. When you let go of the nozzle, the supply of helium will stop. Once you have filled up your balloon, quickly slide it from the nozzle, ensuring that you keep hold of it tightly, so you do not lose any helium, then tie a knot to prevent any gas from escaping.

table decorated with pink glitter helium filled balloons

If you decide to use confetti balloons, we’d recommend blowing air into the balloon before filling it with helium so that the confetti covers the inside of the balloon. 

Storing Helium Gas 

Helium gas must be handled and transported in the upright position. When it comes to storing the gas, you should do so in a well-ventilated and non-smoking area, away from any flammable materials or sources of ignition or heat. Children should never be left unattended with helium-filled balloons, and we recommend adult supervision at all times. 

If you notice a defect in your cylinder or a problem with the nozzle or valve, you should contact the supplier — never try to operate with a faulty canister. Here at Bottle Gasses, we’re experienced bottled gas suppliers, and we regularly inspect all cylinders to ensure the safety of you and our filling staff. 

Quality Helium Gas Suppliers

Finding a reputable helium gas supplier can be a difficult task. It’s a highly specialised industry, and with so much competition, there’s a lot to consider before choosing which is suitable for you.

You should only ever source helium gas from someone who is a true expert on the gas and knows how to use it safely. As providers of refillable helium balloon gas, we pride ourselves on being experts in this industry. 
To learn more about our products and how we could help you, contact us today by calling 01843 220 596 or emailing