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7kg Butane Gas Bottle – Out of Stock – Why not try a Patio5


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7KG Butane Gas Bottles: Ideal for Caravans or Long Campervan Trips

The 7kg butane gas bottles available from Bottle Gases are ideal for portable Calor gas heaters and caravans. These cylinders are quite large and 7KG butane will last a long time when used in a caravan or campervan as the energy source for cooking appliances and heaters. If you have a smaller campervan that you use for weekend trips then the 4.5KG cylinders we have on offer may be more suitable. For week long caravan stays then the 7KG butane gas bottle is an ideal solution.

Specifications of 7KG Butane Gas Bottle:

Our 7KG butane gas bottles have the following specifications:

  • Dimensions : Height-495mm Diameter-256mm
  • Ideal for summer caravanning and portable heaters
  • Regulator type: 21mm Clip on Butane
  • Recommended Offtake: 7 kW (0.5 kg/h)For deliveries throughout the UK, please use our stockist locator map to find you nearest stockist. If there is no suitable stockist please call us to arrange a courier delivery

Please Note: New cylinders (those for which you have no suitable exchange) are subject to a £39.99 deposit known as a Refill Agreement Charge

Uses and Applications of 7KG Butane

A full list of applications for 7KG butane includes:

  • Home heating
  • Mobile gas fires
  • Caravanning
  • Camping
  • Motor homes
  • Beach huts
  • BBQs – Commercial and Home
  • Heating – Domestic

Why Choose 7KG Butane?

Based on the above applications you may be more confident that the 7KG butane cylinder is the right size for you, but why choose butane over propane when both LPG gases can be used for the same appliances and applications? We have written an in-depth article on the differences between propane and butane on our sister website Adams Gas, but the main difference is the liquid to gas threshold (boiling point). Butane gas becomes liquid form at -2 degrees Celsius and lower whereas it is -42 degrees celsius for Propane. In colder climates or for external gas bottle storage applications propane gas cylinders may be more suitable however where the gas bottle is stored in warmer climates or within the vehicle or caravan then you can benefit from the increased efficiency of butane gas eluding to it being the more cost effective option.

Is Calor the Right Brand for Me?

Unless you are planning on travelling around Europe, Calor is by far the best choice of gas cylinder provider due to their popularity and ubiquitous supply across the UK. If you are looking for a 7KG butane cylinder for a campervan trip around Europe, you will find it harder to find Calor refills on the continent where campingaz is much more popular albeit a more expensive choice. You could avoid this by purchasing two Calor 7KG butane gas bottles before your trip or purchasing a regulator adaptor so you can switch gas providers during your trip. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you would like more information or advice.

7KG Butane Gas at Bottle Gases

At Bottle Gases, we offer 7KG butane gas bottles along with other sizes. Our other size ranges include the following:

For more information on any of our products, contact us at Bottle Gases today.

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