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3.9kg Propane Gas Bottle – Out of Stock – Why not try a Patio5


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3.9kg Propane Ideal for Blowtorches, Paint Strippers & Industrial Burners

At Bottle Gases, we stock 3.9kg propane cylinders which are the ideal solution to powering blowtorches and industrial burners. With 10 hours of cooking time with two burners and 13 hours of heating with one burner, 3.9kg propane gas is perfect for a wide range of industrial uses and DIY tools.

Specifications of 3.9kg Propane Cylinders

Each of our 3.9kg propane cylinders have the following specifications:

  • Dimensions : Height-340mm Diameter-240mm
  • Mainly used for industrial small burners
  • Regulators for all propane cylinders are screw on and have the thread on the inside
  • Regulator Type: POL screw connection(propane)
  • Recommended Offtake: 7.5 kW (0.53kg/h)

Please Note: New propane gas cylinders (those for which you have no suitable exchange) are subject to a £39.99 deposit known as a Refill Agreement Charge

Applications and Uses for 3.9kg Propane:

The 3.9kg propane cylinder is ideal for small commercial applications where ease of mobility is important e.g. blowtorches and paint stripping torches. There are also a variety of other applications, including the following, that our 3.9kg propane cylinder can be used for:

  • Small Industrial Machinery
  • Blowtorches
  • Paint strippers
  • Home Cooking
  • Catering and caterers
  • Industrial and workshop heating
  • Domestic heating
  • Caravan and Camping
  • BBQ’s and patio heaters
  • Camping and Caravanning
  • Jewellery Manufacture and Maintenance
  • Plumbing and Heating Engineering

3.9kg Propane Cylinders with Bottle Gases

You can count on Bottle Gases for a a full range of Propane gas bottles, including larger 6kg propane gas, 13kg propane gas, 19kg propane gas and 47kg propane gas. Get in touch today if you have any queries.

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